10 reasons to Book Marco Island Vacation Rentals

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Get your toes in the water and chair in the sand at Marco Island, Florida! Plan your vacation now!

We're sharing 10 reasons to book Marco Island vacation rentals here!

You're looking for a beach vacation. It can't be Cancun or Hawaii because who has that kind of cash? And you're on the east coast, so going west just doesn't appeal this year.

Where does one go for a real sunny, humid, and lazy beach vacation? Marco Island. (as opposed to Polo Island...#dadjoke). But you really don't want to miss out on this perfect beach for both adults and kids. It's got everything you want and more in a beach town. So let's dive in, settle down, or laze around, and look at what makes Marco Island vacation rentals your go-to beach vacation choice.

1. Marco Island Vacation Rentals Sit Next To The Best Shell Hunting Beaches In Florida

Because Marco Island is on the western tip of Florida it gets even fewer waves than the Atlantic tip of Florida. This, along with the changes of the tide, makes Marco Island's beaches the best place to go shelling.

How should you go shelling on Marco Islands beaches? First, check out Marco Island vacation rentals and book a place.

Next travel to Marco Island.

Then check the tides. Get out early just as the tide is going down. This will give you more time to go searching and will ensure you don't get caught on the sandbar during high tide.

2. Ten Thousand Islands And Manatees

One of the most awesome ways to explore the area around Marco Island is by wave runner.

What is there to explore around Marco Island that would warrant a wave runner rental?

Just east of Marco Island is a set of islands called Ten Thousand Islands. These are part of the Everglades National Park in Florida.

The Ten Thousand Islands part of the Everglades features all kinds of wildlife. And its one of the places you can find Manatees in Florida and observe them in their natural habitat.

You can also see dolphins and all kinds of colorful fish if you go snorkeling.

3. Rest, Relaxation, And A Cool Breeze

You've been working your posterior off at work recently. You've got deadlines that encroach on your regular duties. You've got cranky clients who breathe fire down your neck. To top it all off your boss just completed their fifteen-day cleanse and suddenly sees everything you do as wrong.

Get away from all of that! NOW! It's for your own good.

Go check out Marco Island vacation rentals. Book a vacation rental. Now go to the beach, string up a hammock or steal one. Mix a pina colada and relax. You're already feeling the cool ocean breeze on your arms, aren't you?

4. There Are World Class Catamaran Tours

Want to watch a Gulf Coast sunset from the rocking comfort of a Catamaran? Your best bet will be to go to Marco Island, book a catamaran tour, and relax. You'll see dolphins leaping in front of that burning orb sinking gradually into the sea. You'll relax with a drink in your hand feeling the salt spray of the ocean on your face. And at the right time of year, you can see whales.

5.The Restaurants On Marco Island

If you want a bit of history, head on over to the Little Bar. You'll get to see various bits of history ensconced in this old bar. From the 1924 Mohler pipe organ to the 100-year-old back bar to the WW1 era stained glass above the bar.

Plus, they just have great drinks and great food.

If you're looking to dock your boat and eat on Marco Island, get some crab at Old Marco Lodge and Crab House. You'll be able to sit under an umbrella chowing down on crab while listening to the water lap against the dock and hearing the seagulls caw above you.

6. It's Easy To Get To Your Marco Island Vacation Rentals

This isn't your dark jungle island on the edge of the world. This is an island in the Continental United States. There are actually roads on Marco Island, believe it or not.

The roads are laid out in such a way as to keep you from ever getting lost on the island. You can quickly jog down to the grocery store. Everything is on the main streets so you'll have plenty to do with less driving required.

7. Cape Romano And The Domes

In the 1980's a man by the name of Bob Lee built an odd looking set of vacation homes on Cape Romano. They were ahead of their time. Self-sustaining. Solar Powered. And domed.

Since the oceans rose and the tides ate away at the shoreline, these incredible abandoned structures are otherworldly in their derelict charm.

If you have a boat or a wave runner, you can get out to the old structures and look inside. They've been graffitied and broken, but they are still standing like lone sentinels off the coast of Florida.

8. The Marco Island Seafood And Music Festival

If you love music, especially that Caribbean vibe, then get into one of many Marco Island vacation rentals and spend the weekend on Marco Island. You'll see bands like The Caribbean Chillers, Rick & The Speed Bumps, and The Ben Allen Band. There will be loads of food, craft beer and vendors galore. If you love festivals, you have to come out and visit the island during one of the best festivals of the year.

9. Wednesday Marco Island Farmer's Market

If you're looking for some fresh fruit from the tropics. Something local and home grown, go to the Wednesday farmers market. You'll get fresh fruits, bread, local brews, local honey. Pretty much anything you'd find at a normal farmer's market but more tropical.

Conclusion: As you can see, Marco Island is definitely a must on your vacation bucket list. From the food to the people to the wildlife, you're not going to be wanting when it comes to something to do.

If you're looking for a place to stay on the island, check out our Marco Island vacation rentals. You'll definitely find something that fits your needs.