5 Fun Experiences for A Romantic Getaway in Marco Island


Valentine's day is here and if you are short of ideas on what to do with your partner to mark the day, then no worries because this post is here to help you out. The year-in, year-out celebration is bound to make things pretty mundane but what about you doing something different this year?

Giving thoughtful gifts is amazing but sharing romantic experiences? That's second to none. Which is why this post addresses fun, romantic and unique experiences you can share with your partner because you know, experiences last for a lifetime.

5 Romantic Experiences To Have This Valentine's

Show and feel love anew this Valentine's with these romantic experiences that are sure to add more spark to your love life.

1. Have a romantic getaway: What better time to have a romantic escape than Valentine's period? Pack your bags and get on a romantic getaway to somewhere serene with naturally beautiful views and interesting locations like Marco Island. The sights and feels you would get from a Marco Island romantic getaway is sure to make Valentine's day a different kind of unique. What's more? Every romantic getaway needs some privacy and so, be sure to book Valentine's day vacation rental that would give you just that. 

2. Go to a fancy spa all day long: Especially if you work round the clock, spending time together at a spa where you get to relax and bond with your partner while doing absolutely nothing is sure to make you experience all the feels and fun of Valentine's day. 

3. Have a photoshoot: Oh, you don't have to employ the services of a professional, simply DIY. It puts more fun into it. Single-use cameras are perfect for this because they are not as pricey and are not hard to figure out. You can choose to print out the photos and frame them, post on your social media pages or better still just take them for the fun of it. Remember to stay goofy through it all and fall more in love with each other. 

4. Cook something different for yourselves: Nobody says no to food and nothing tells your partner you love them more than a unique homemade meal. Add a sprinkle of spice to your relationship by randomly picking out meals from a cuisine that you both haven't tried out before. It could be two different meals from the same cuisine or from different cuisines. The point is to bond over the broth, spices and cook! Right there is date night in the comfort of your home or rental as the case may be.

5. See a performance together: There's a lot of things that are romantic about watching a live band perform or being in a concert and you should experience it too. Hold hands, sing, dance together and further fall in love with each other! For example, there are a couple of concerts taking place in and around Marco Island to help achieve this. 

Looking through this list of 5 fun and unique things to do with your partner this Valentine's and the fact that all of the 5 activities could be rolled into a romantic vacation particularly in Marco Island is glaring. Getting pampered? Cooking for each other? Having a photoshoot? Seeing a performance together? Simply put, celebrate your love and do all of these in the comfort of our vacation rentals.