Tips on How You Can Avoid Paying Vacation Rental Booking Fees & Book Direct

The thought of going to vacations is nice and refreshing, as they allow you a chance to take a break from the daily grind of your life. Many people make it a point to plan at least one or two vacations a year.

But let’s face it, with the introduction of the services like HomeAway, VRBO, BookingPal, AirBnB and many more, service fees have created a serious cause for concern for both property owners and travelers alike.

Vacation Rental Booking Fees

Planning your recreational trips should not end up costing you an arm or a leg, by having to pay additional booking fees to vacation rental booking websites. Let’s change all of that.

Vacation Rental websites are gaining popularity day by day

These websites are getting immense popularity nowadays especially when it comes to travel shopping. Since these websites are mobile responsive and can easily be used by a layman via his/her smartphone, hence, many people prefer using them. The websites can be accessed and viewed from any part of the world and make the whole process much simpler and convenient and that’s what makes these companies charge a rather extensive amount, which is more than their fair share and heavy on the pocket of a consumer.

Some travel booking sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway have monopolized the market in such a way they are indirectly controlling the behavior of people when it comes to booking the stay of their vacation. They have successfully manipulated people to choose their sites when it comes to booking their next stay, thanks to the power of Search Engine Optimization aka Google ranking and huge marketing dollars.

Not only are these online agencies dominating the search engines, and manipulating people to book from their sites, also they don’t follow through on what they promise. For instance, many of the popular vacation rental website promise to provide their users with the most affordable vacation rentals and discounted stays, but contrary to what they say, things are quite different in reality.

At one point, HomeAway introduced its “Book with Confidence Guarantee” in a way to ease the anxiety of travelers booking on their website. Unfortunately for them, travelers quickly pushed back and found that this was nothing more than a scare tactic by HomeAway to justify their services fees.

To make matters worst, the listing details of these vacation rental properties are blocked, making it literally impossible to trace them, leaving customers with no options but to be at the mercy of these big box vacation rental websites.

Paying Zero Booking Fees is an idea too good to be true, but it’s possible…here's how!

Savvy travelers know that in order for them to get the best prices on their vacation rentals, they must book direct. Start with Google. Following are a few tips you can implement to avoid this unnecessary fees, which can cost you approx. 4% to 17% depending on different vacation rental websites.

  • Either search Google or simply go to a HomeAway VRBO and search the destination you are interested in traveling to.
  • Copy a small chunk of text from property’s description, Google it, and chances are you will land to the property’s website, or might also happen it leads you to the name of the property that has been omitted by the vacation rental service.
  • You can also Google the image’s link, just copy and paste it into Google search. Image search can also be extremely helpful in tracking down the property.
  • Try calling or emailing vacation rental directly (if you are lucky enough to find their number). Corresponding with the owner/manager directly will make the transition much easier and hassle-free, and not to mention economical too. You will save a substantial amount. Not only will you save on hefty vacation rental booking website fees, but also with good dealing and negotiation you can get more discounts from the owner directly.
  • Spending a little more time on Google search engine will lead you to many options and free websites where you can easily get information about the owner.
  • On many websites check out “about us” and “contact us pages.” This is where the plethora of information is found. Also, try searching using specific keywords like “by owner” or "Marco Island vacation rentals” to your search on Google.
  • Build a relationship with the local travel agencies & vacation rental agencies in the towns where you are visiting. Not to take any time away from your time on the golf course or on the beach but taking a little time to acquaint yourself with these agencies can pay off in the long run.

I know, I know it’s a bit time-consuming. But whatever happened to good old fun?

From exploring the stunning beaches in Southwest Florida to spending the dream vacations in the mountains of Switzerland, almost everything is possible, when you have a little more budget, which can is possible if you can avoid those ridiculous vacation rental booking fees and instead booking directly through reliable websites such as

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable and reliable way to book your next vacation rental on Marco Island, booking direct with Island Escapes is your best bet. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next travel destination now!